My new blog name

I want to say a huge thank you to all who commented, made suggestions and helped me to choose my new blog name. You were super helpful and really kind, taking time to read my post, checking out my ideas and coming up with lots of your own.

My initial favourite blog name was Mental Health from all sides and some of you agreed, so I’m going to use that as part of my tagline.

However, when Sadagopan at Pointless & Prosaic came up with Mental Health 360°, it made sense to me, with several of you in agreement. So there we have it.

Now all I need, and I’m going to be really cheeky here, is to ask if you would help spread the news through any of the social media channels you use? I’d really appreciate you helping me promote my new blog name in any way possible.

Thank you also for your thoughtful comments about my content and for now, I will continue along the same lines. However, along the way, I’m happy to have any more suggestions about what you’d like to read on my blog.

My last few posts have been about Communication skills in various forms, something you might find helpful in any situation:


Why I’m changing my blog name

Mental health from the other side — Image by Free Logo Design

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I suppose, maybe like some of you, I was a bit hasty when I first started my blog and quickly named it Mental health from the other side.

I initially wanted to discuss mental health nursing from my own perspective so I thought my blog name covered it. However, my blog has evolved over the last five months and I’ve been discussing my own mental health, together with mental health and mental illness in general. So, in hindsight, while my current blog name says ‘from the other side’, I’ve been thinking, what ‘other’ side?

I wasn’t even sure that technically (i.e. it could be done on wordpress) I could change my blog name and I certainly didn’t know how to, but with some sage advice from my wonderful blogging pal Hugh at Hughs news and views, I’m going to try. However,

I need your help

I have a few new blog names in mind and I need your help in deciding which one ‘cos I want to get it right this time. You are the amazing peeps who read my blog and you might have a better idea of what to call ‘me’? It’s been on my mind a while now and I think I know which one I prefer and I do like the word ‘sides’ in it but I just can’t settle. Help?

  • Mental health from both sides
  • Mental health from all sides
  • Mental health from different sides
  • Mental Health from various sides
  • All things mental health

Another thing I might need to change is the tagline under my blog name? Do you think so?

While I’m asking for your help renaming my blog, I’d like to ask if there’s anything else you think I could be writing about? I have my diaries and lots more I could write about; I could write for England 😉 What would you like? Would more nursing tales be interesting? Is there something I’m missing or am I writing too much. How does my blog look to you?

It’s a big ask, but I’ve asked for it, so give it to me straight — even though I’m scared. However, constructive criticism and all comments will be appreciated.

Thank you, in anticipation.