How exercise benefits our Mental Health

I recently came across this great blog called When Women Inspire – written by Christy Birmingham, a Canadian writer, blogger and author. She asks “Are you looking for inspiration? Hope? Do you want to learn about how women are changing the world every single day? Then you’ve come to the right place.

When Women Inspire is dedicated to showcasing the efforts of women around the world to change the world in positive ways. These are women making social, economic, literary, political or educational waves – in a great way.

As I write about all things mental health, I found one of Christy’s posts particularly interesting. Rather than me trying to re-invent the wheel, writing about the Benefits of exercise on your mental health, I’m delighted that Christy’s allowed me to re-blog her post here:

Results of studies continue to support a growing literature suggesting that exercise, physical activity and physical-activity interventions have beneficial effects across several physical and mental health outcomes. Generally, participants engaging in regular physical activity display more desirable health outcomes across a variety of physical conditions. Similarly, participants in randomized clinical trials of physical-activity interventions show better health outcomes, including better general and health-related quality of life, better functional capacity and better mood states.

The benefits of exercise are very well known. It can help you get fitter and have a healthier body, but what effect can it have on your mind and mental health?

Drop by Christy’s blog for all things health, fitness, family together with lots of other inspiring and interesting posts.